grown up creativity: AAMBC new book release, Listen to What He Does, Watch What He Says by A.H. Carlisle, III

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AAMBC New Book Release

Listen to What He Does, Watch What He Says by A.H. Carlisle III


Have you ever wondered during your journey in building relationships, why the simplest processes turn into the most complex levels of deception? The information that

Author, A.H. Carlisle

Author, A.H. Carlisle

you will read in this book is not a quick fix remedy on how to perfect this cycle but allowing more insight on the complexity surrounding men. This knowledge will help you: Understand how men process issues relating to dating; Knowing if he is ready to commit; The many reasons that more and more men’s failure to remain monogamous is deeper than the surface. One of most important things that you will learn is that paying close attention to the Why” will help to determine the “How” in making the best decisions for your life. I will help to stimulate your thinking to align his words with his actions. Building a solid foundation in your relationship has enough challenges considering outside influencers. The ultimate decision on how you move forward in life depends solely on you”.


“Many times women tend to wonder about the desires of a man and if his will is to consume her solely in a physical manner or if there is more to than what meets the eye.  This question is a question that plagues the minds of almost every woman from the very first date in which she accompanies a man.  The problem is, this question is sometimes answered in the moment.  Quite often men will have one idea in mind yet that original idea may change during the course of the date or the tenure of dating.  Typically, we all have operated off of a triangle based love concept.  The three components of this triangle are physical, mental and emotional.  In general, a man tends to allow physical to be his main component where as women allow their emotional factor to be their main component.  Eventually, it is the mental that connects both parties.”

A. H .Carlisle III was born in Youngstown, Ohio and began his journey to self-discovery early on.  Throughout his career and personal life, he has had many life experiences, some tragic but many successes.  Along the many paths of this journey he began noticing certain patterns amongst his male peer groups.  These commonalities prompted his thinking to break down these traits so that women could better understand.  It was no secret that he had a passion for helping others and these experiences led him to writing this book, to try to help many.  One of his many life lessons is that when people better understand something they are able to react and make better decisions. As a result of these self discoveries, he chose to share this journey of life lessons with others in hopes that it will improve relationships one lie at a time.  In bringing issues to light that seem commonly responsible for the demise of many relationships, he hopes to better the decision making process for women and men alike.

Meet The Author,  A. H .Carlisle III:

1.      In your book, “Listen to what he does, Watch what he says,” you talk about how your personal life inspired you to write. At what point in your journey did you realize you had a story to tell?


My sister, who I speak of in my book, has had a very hard life.  She has battled drug addiction for the last decade which has taken an emotional toll on much of our family.  There was a point where she was on the road to recovery and her and I talked about our life stories.  It was then that I realized I had a story to tell.  However, the story I wanted to tell would not be the story I would eventually tell.  I originally wanted to talk about all the women I had been with and how I was a self-proclaimed ladies’ man.  Boy did I have a story.  The deal was for my sister to stay clean and for her to do an autobiography on me and I would pay for everything and she would reap the reward.  It never happened but I knew I needed to tell my story.  As soon as the “pen hit the paper” the story took a drastically different angle.  I realized what I really had been through and how much more powerful of a story that would be.  Why not try to help others the way I have helped myself over the years? Why not use my blessings to “minister to others”? And so my story began.


2.      With popular books such as, “Act like a lady, Think like a man,” why do you think it’s important for woman to be aware of the difference between action and words?


If you have read “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” or most other relationship books out there, you know that they are all doing the same thing, telling you how to change in order to make things work out for you.  Changing should not even be an option unless you are changing to become a better you.  At the end of the day you can be the best person you can be but if the person you are dealing with is not ready to be in that relationship, not ready to commit, or not ready to show respect and honesty, what does it matter how much you have changed or how good you are?  Truth is, it doesn’t.  You have to first be aware, be able to not only listen to what they wish to tell you but also watch what they are doing in relation to those words.  This is how you help to protect yourself from wasted time and potentially from people who do not have your best interest at heart.


3.      You get very personal in the beginning of your novel and as a writer I appreciate the transparency, what was your thought process on opening up about your childhood and how do you think it helps your reader?


My thought was simply this, we all have problems.  As humans we are fallible and that is just the reality of it.  A lot of the problems we have however are or were uncontrollable.  Most of us just choose to block out these problems and think that we are good, never realizing how we are being affected.  It took me a very long time to link my childhood problems to my problems of today.  Most people never come to that realization and so they continue to sabotage their own relationships.  I hope that in my honesty and transparency, others will be more emboldened to first understand and then accept responsibility for what is affecting their own life and the decisions they make.


4.      “Failure has to be a realistic option for a woman because even though she is ready and willing to settle down and give her all, this does not mean that the man she meets or even the first ten men will also be ready.” Why do you think this is such a hard concept for some women to grasp and how are some of your female readers responding to this?


I think the biggest issue is emotional blindness.  Just as I talk in my book about men being raised to be tough and to not show emotion, women are raised to be nurturers, to have a family and to be a wife.  This has been engrained in women throughout society since the beginning of time.  How does a woman separate emotions when meeting a man who appears to have it all together?  Especially when he is saying everything so right.  They must take off the emotional blinders in order to realize that it’s okay to fail, if you believe you are worth being a wife, when the right man comes along then being a wife you will be.  My female readers are really taking to the idea; however, it’s easier said than done.  This is the lead in to my next chapter…..


5.      Your Facebook page is filled with tidbits of advice for healthy relationships, what has your response to that been like and do you believe it helps promote your book?


The response has been amazing.  My page has gone from simply promoting healthy relationships to providing relationship advice.  Women want to believe that it is possible to have a healthy relationship and I am here to help them continue to believe.  The important part is ensuring they understand their part in making it happen.  I am not sure it helps to promote my book at the level I desire; however, I do believe it helps to promote me.  As I grow, the promotion of me will help to lead people to want to read what I am putting out, whether it is in books or speaking forums.


6.      My column is called The Lit Underground and what we are doing is focusing on authors who are self-publishing or are with independent publishers who have made their presence known on a smaller scene. What is the best advice that you can give? Something that you’ve learned from experience that no one told you before getting into the literary game.


The best advice I can give is, gain credibility and gain a fan base.  Without it you are doomed for failure.


7.      What’s next for Andrew Carlisle and where can your fans reach you?


I plan to put out a book of my own quotes around May/June.  This will also be the introduction to the next book.


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grown up creativity: AAMBC new book release, Finally Reid by Marcia Reid

Thank you for reading “grown up creativity” and for being a book lover. Through my blogging platform, I also serve as a blogger for AAMBC Public Relations, a company founded by author Tamika Newhouse ( It is my pleasure to help Tamika increase exposure for up and coming authors and to help spread the word about what’s new in creative writing! Follow me on Twitter: @ivywriter

AAMBC New Book Release

Finally Reid by Marcia Reid

finallyreidbookBook Synopsis of Finally Reid:

Finally Reid, The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman by Marcia Reid is the latest release by Wheel Man Press. Finally Reid is about the process of author Marcia Reid’s personal discovery through various challenges that helped her grow along the way. It is the life story of a woman with humble beginnings as a little girl from the poor and rural hills of the island of Jamaica, chronicling her struggles with epilepsy as a young girl, with Attention Deficit Disorder as a student and the pain of a child estranged from her father only to feel rejected later when he finally appears. It also tells of a woman fulfilling her dream of moving to New York, a dream that was temporarily spoiled by her marriage to a dark, handsome waiter who hid from her his torrid affairs and his involvement with illegal drug trafficking. Despite her struggles, author Marcia Reid raised herself above it all, achieving an Ivy League education and millions in assets, which she would later lose in the real estate downturn. Her story is one of final redemption, culminating in her finding and marrying the love of her life at the age of 50 — as only an extraordinary, ordinary woman could do.

About the Author, Marcia Reid:

Marcia Windross is a Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Interpublic Group (IPG) where she plays an integral role in leading the company’s vision to be the world’s most inclusive network of marketing services companies. In her role as Director, she provides tailored Diversity and Inclusion solutions and strategic direction to IPG corporate and network of agencies of approximately 40,000 employees globally.

Prior to Interpublic Group, she was the Senior Director of Human Resources and a member of the senior management team for Bowne Marketing and Business Communications (BMBC), a division of Bowne Inc. Before joining Bowne, Marcia was Vice President, Diversity Head of Citibank Commercial Business Group, where she led the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies for Citigroup’s middle market businesses. She joined Citigroup in 1999, as a Senior Recruiter at Salomon Smith Barney and was promoted into a variety of HR roles.

Her prior professional experiences include Senior Human Resources Manager at the finallyreid author marcia reidHome Shopping Network in St. Petersburg, Florida and Human Resources Manager at County Seat Stores, NY. She also spent many years in the Travel and Leisure industry, including 13 years at Cunard Cruise Line. Her career started at The Half Moon hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica before migrating to the United States. She was also an Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College.

She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from New York University.

Marcia is a speaker, sponsor and mentor who believe in giving back to her community and being of service to others. She serves on Harlem YMCA, Black Achiever in Industry (BAI) Steering Committee and was selected as IPG’s 2013 National Black Achiever. She also serves on several diversity councils (AAF Mosaic Diversity Council, AAAA Diversity Council and the RADE Diversity Council). She previously served as an Advisory Board member for the NY Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) and sat on the Board of the Jamaica YMCA in Queens, where she served as Chair for Board Development.

She is a staunch supporter of her high school, Montego Bay High school, Jamaica W.I. and was elected as President of the Montego Bay High School International Alumnae Association (MBHSIAA). The goal of the organization is to provide financial assistance to the school and provide scholarships for needy students.

Marcia recently published her first book “Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of An Ordinary Woman.” She is an active member of her church, Hope Cathedral, located in Jackson, NJ, where she resides.

An Interview with Marcia Reid:

In writing this book, you are quite transparent … Putting your business out there? Why write a book like this?
I made the decision to write this book as a seed was planted by one of my professors at Borough of Manhattan Community College over 20 years ago. He told me to write a book to share my challenges and accomplishments to encourage others. It took me this long to believe in myself and feel that I had accomplished enough to share my story with others. I also recognized that one of my purposes here on earth is to help others and expand the kingdom of God. Sharing my story “Finally Reid” is to encourage others who have faced difficult situations. Despite your circumstances and challenges, you can overcome and live a purpose driven life. “Your latter days can be better than your former days.”

How long did it take you to write the book? What was the process like?

Many years but it wasn’t until 2009 after an accident that I got really serious. It was a difficult process as I had to relive some very painful periods in my life. At times, I had to stop and take a break for several weeks, even months. Once I was able to get through those painful periods and write about them – it was like a healing process. Writing this book helped me to heal, forgive others and myself.

Why the title “Finally Reid”?

Finally Reid is about the relationship with my father and recognizing that he actually loved me. It’s about finding myself  and being liberated from my ex-husband. It’s about recognizing the goodness of God and that he was always taking care of me, even when I did not recognize it.

Despite your financial struggles. How did you manage to gain an Ivy League Education?

It’s really important to have a mentor or a professor that takes an interest in your future. In my case Professor Blake asked a question “What next?” He advised me that since I was a bit mature for a college student, it’s best to go to an Ivy League school. He also felt that with my grades? I would be able to get scholarships. He advised me that even if I had to take out school loans, an Ivy League education would provide the means to repay. I took his advice and was able to get scholarships. I received a full scholarship from NYU. I also took out students loans.

Tell us about your invisible disability…ADD. How do you do all that you have done with this condition?

Living with ADD is a daily struggle but there are many brilliant people out there with this condition. In fact, there are over 80 million Americans who are living with ADD undiagnosed. If you do a Google search, you will see all the talented, brilliant and prestigious Americans who have or had ADD. It wasn’t until 2007 that I got formally diagnosed and it took me a while to share with others for fear of how others would judge me. I don’t take medication. Over the years, I have developed coping strategies to manage effectively on a daily basis.

Despite all these challenge? What kept you going?

I was motivated by a few thing. Number 1 was my son. I wanted the best for him. My Faith in God and believe it or not, some negative comments from others. I was told that since my mother was a maid, I would not amount to anything. I had to show them that they were wrong.

What next?

The goal of this book is to help others, share the goodness of God and sell enough books to help churches and nonprofit organizations and if my book becomes a best seller… That would be an added bonus. A movie would be great!! Anything is possible. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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