grown up creativity: AAMBC new book release, Listen to What He Does, Watch What He Says by A.H. Carlisle, III

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AAMBC New Book Release

Listen to What He Does, Watch What He Says by A.H. Carlisle III


Have you ever wondered during your journey in building relationships, why the simplest processes turn into the most complex levels of deception? The information that

Author, A.H. Carlisle

Author, A.H. Carlisle

you will read in this book is not a quick fix remedy on how to perfect this cycle but allowing more insight on the complexity surrounding men. This knowledge will help you: Understand how men process issues relating to dating; Knowing if he is ready to commit; The many reasons that more and more men’s failure to remain monogamous is deeper than the surface. One of most important things that you will learn is that paying close attention to the Why” will help to determine the “How” in making the best decisions for your life. I will help to stimulate your thinking to align his words with his actions. Building a solid foundation in your relationship has enough challenges considering outside influencers. The ultimate decision on how you move forward in life depends solely on you”.


“Many times women tend to wonder about the desires of a man and if his will is to consume her solely in a physical manner or if there is more to than what meets the eye.  This question is a question that plagues the minds of almost every woman from the very first date in which she accompanies a man.  The problem is, this question is sometimes answered in the moment.  Quite often men will have one idea in mind yet that original idea may change during the course of the date or the tenure of dating.  Typically, we all have operated off of a triangle based love concept.  The three components of this triangle are physical, mental and emotional.  In general, a man tends to allow physical to be his main component where as women allow their emotional factor to be their main component.  Eventually, it is the mental that connects both parties.”

A. H .Carlisle III was born in Youngstown, Ohio and began his journey to self-discovery early on.  Throughout his career and personal life, he has had many life experiences, some tragic but many successes.  Along the many paths of this journey he began noticing certain patterns amongst his male peer groups.  These commonalities prompted his thinking to break down these traits so that women could better understand.  It was no secret that he had a passion for helping others and these experiences led him to writing this book, to try to help many.  One of his many life lessons is that when people better understand something they are able to react and make better decisions. As a result of these self discoveries, he chose to share this journey of life lessons with others in hopes that it will improve relationships one lie at a time.  In bringing issues to light that seem commonly responsible for the demise of many relationships, he hopes to better the decision making process for women and men alike.

Meet The Author,  A. H .Carlisle III:

1.      In your book, “Listen to what he does, Watch what he says,” you talk about how your personal life inspired you to write. At what point in your journey did you realize you had a story to tell?


My sister, who I speak of in my book, has had a very hard life.  She has battled drug addiction for the last decade which has taken an emotional toll on much of our family.  There was a point where she was on the road to recovery and her and I talked about our life stories.  It was then that I realized I had a story to tell.  However, the story I wanted to tell would not be the story I would eventually tell.  I originally wanted to talk about all the women I had been with and how I was a self-proclaimed ladies’ man.  Boy did I have a story.  The deal was for my sister to stay clean and for her to do an autobiography on me and I would pay for everything and she would reap the reward.  It never happened but I knew I needed to tell my story.  As soon as the “pen hit the paper” the story took a drastically different angle.  I realized what I really had been through and how much more powerful of a story that would be.  Why not try to help others the way I have helped myself over the years? Why not use my blessings to “minister to others”? And so my story began.


2.      With popular books such as, “Act like a lady, Think like a man,” why do you think it’s important for woman to be aware of the difference between action and words?


If you have read “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” or most other relationship books out there, you know that they are all doing the same thing, telling you how to change in order to make things work out for you.  Changing should not even be an option unless you are changing to become a better you.  At the end of the day you can be the best person you can be but if the person you are dealing with is not ready to be in that relationship, not ready to commit, or not ready to show respect and honesty, what does it matter how much you have changed or how good you are?  Truth is, it doesn’t.  You have to first be aware, be able to not only listen to what they wish to tell you but also watch what they are doing in relation to those words.  This is how you help to protect yourself from wasted time and potentially from people who do not have your best interest at heart.


3.      You get very personal in the beginning of your novel and as a writer I appreciate the transparency, what was your thought process on opening up about your childhood and how do you think it helps your reader?


My thought was simply this, we all have problems.  As humans we are fallible and that is just the reality of it.  A lot of the problems we have however are or were uncontrollable.  Most of us just choose to block out these problems and think that we are good, never realizing how we are being affected.  It took me a very long time to link my childhood problems to my problems of today.  Most people never come to that realization and so they continue to sabotage their own relationships.  I hope that in my honesty and transparency, others will be more emboldened to first understand and then accept responsibility for what is affecting their own life and the decisions they make.


4.      “Failure has to be a realistic option for a woman because even though she is ready and willing to settle down and give her all, this does not mean that the man she meets or even the first ten men will also be ready.” Why do you think this is such a hard concept for some women to grasp and how are some of your female readers responding to this?


I think the biggest issue is emotional blindness.  Just as I talk in my book about men being raised to be tough and to not show emotion, women are raised to be nurturers, to have a family and to be a wife.  This has been engrained in women throughout society since the beginning of time.  How does a woman separate emotions when meeting a man who appears to have it all together?  Especially when he is saying everything so right.  They must take off the emotional blinders in order to realize that it’s okay to fail, if you believe you are worth being a wife, when the right man comes along then being a wife you will be.  My female readers are really taking to the idea; however, it’s easier said than done.  This is the lead in to my next chapter…..


5.      Your Facebook page is filled with tidbits of advice for healthy relationships, what has your response to that been like and do you believe it helps promote your book?


The response has been amazing.  My page has gone from simply promoting healthy relationships to providing relationship advice.  Women want to believe that it is possible to have a healthy relationship and I am here to help them continue to believe.  The important part is ensuring they understand their part in making it happen.  I am not sure it helps to promote my book at the level I desire; however, I do believe it helps to promote me.  As I grow, the promotion of me will help to lead people to want to read what I am putting out, whether it is in books or speaking forums.


6.      My column is called The Lit Underground and what we are doing is focusing on authors who are self-publishing or are with independent publishers who have made their presence known on a smaller scene. What is the best advice that you can give? Something that you’ve learned from experience that no one told you before getting into the literary game.


The best advice I can give is, gain credibility and gain a fan base.  Without it you are doomed for failure.


7.      What’s next for Andrew Carlisle and where can your fans reach you?


I plan to put out a book of my own quotes around May/June.  This will also be the introduction to the next book.


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grown up creativity: AAMBC new book release, The Deep: Confessions of Faithful Men

AAMBC (African Americans On The Move Book Club)

Thank you for reading “my summer reading list” and for being a book lover. Through my blogging platform, I also serve as a blogger for AAMBC Public Relations, a company founded by author Tamika Newhouse ( It is my pleasure to help Tamika increase exposure for up and coming authors and to help spread the word about what’s new in creative writing! Follow me on twitter at @ivywriter


AAMBC – New Book Release

The Deep: Confessions of Faithful Men by Rick and Chris Strickland

The Deep: Confessions of Faithful Men by Rick and Chris Strickland

The Deep: Confessions of Faithful Men by Rick and Chris Strickland

Synopsis :

Inspired by two of the biggest issues we face in America: marriage and infidelity. What if you could really know the deep down secrets that men keep buried inside that only God, themselves and a few close friends know about? What if you could really find out, why men cheat? In this book, men are finally at liberty to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Women can finally get true confessions to questions they’ve always wanted to know. They learn not only to think like a man, but to be the kind of lady that men cherish in long term relationships.


An Interview with The Authors, Rick Strickland and Chris Strickland

Tell us about yourselves with the older of the two of you going first.

Rick: I’m a 20 year military veteran of the US Navy.  While serving, I earned a degree in Human Resources from Webster University and shortly thereafter wrote my first book called, The Marks Left Behind.  Understanding that I could make a positive impact through writing, I decided it was time to attack one of the major issues we face today: Infidelity. What has caused the desire to have an affair to outweigh the benefits of being faithful? I became very interested in trying to solve this issue so I teamed up with my brother, a natural problem solver and we came up with our new book called The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men.

Chris: I am a Graduate of Wilberforce University, Cum Laude
with a degree in Engineering. I have worked for many years in my field of study,
but left unfulfilled. My true passion is helping people. My heart’s desire is
to make an impact in peoples everyday lives. As a result of this, I “stumbled
upon” a new purpose in life: writing. I don’t believe one chooses their
purpose, God does that for us. This God given purpose actually came by simply
listening, which is something that I love to do. I’ve always been the “ear” for
people to vent to and as a result of this, I became somewhat of a problem
solver (I guess this is where Engineering came in handy). I then realized that
solving problems is what really gives me fulfillment.

Why Should I buy this book?

This book should be purchased because it gives females very honest and open information that will prove to be very valuable in present or future relationships.  It is like taking a test and having all of the answers at the same time. You will pass with flying colors! You will no longer have to wonder why your boyfriend will not marry you or how to keep him committed to you and ONLY you. You will now have the upper hand and can finally say game over or check mate. Also, this book comes to the defense of men, speaking truth those forbidden areas in relationships where men are typically forced to keep silent.

What motivated you guys to write this book?

The motivation to write this book stems from the divorce rate being over 50%. This means one out of every two couples getting a divorce.

Author, Rick Strickland

Author, Rick Strickland

That is unacceptable to us. This should sound off an alarm in the minds of people. When a marriage breaks down there is a good chance that children will be impacted negatively in some way. We believe that through this book we can help keep families together and also help in rebuilding families that have been torn apart through divorce.

What is the meaning of the title, The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men?

The meaning of the title is an open door into the hearts of men, exposing the innermost and honest secrets which in turn lead to better understanding of what men really want in relationships and why things tend to go wrong.

What is your favorite chapter in the book?

Our favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 4, the Heart to Heart Confessions. In this chapter we surveyed numerous women and allowed them to ask one question each that they really and truly wanted to have answered by men. These women really poured their hearts into these questions. We took those questions to faithful men and in private we had men answer those questions openly and honestly. We created a heart to heart discussion between men and women, privately.

The chapter in the book called, The Brother Confessions, what is this chapter about?

The Brother Confessions is a chapter in the book in which we allowed men to openly confess any secrets, situations, or circumstances involving the opposite sex. These confessions may be about their own wives or girlfriends, or some other female. Confession is the beginning of freedom. The bottom line was to allow men to finally tell the truth about things that have been buried deep within their hearts. These are the types of things that they would never want their wives or girlfriends to know

You mention something called “moments of stimulation”. What are these moments?

Moments of stimulation is simply the fact that men are being tempted daily by beautiful women that they come in contact with in malls, on the job, at the gym and many other locations.  Though these periods of contact are only for a “moment”, if not under control could lead to acts of infidelity. Each moment builds onto the next moment. How he responds in that moment is directly linked to his home life with his wife or girlfriend. The more and more a man gets stimulated, the more pressure he has to relieve himself of that pressure.



An Excerpt from The Deep: Confessions of Faithful Men:

“A man does not come to know what type of woman he needs until he comes to know what type of man he is.”

Why write another book about male/female relationships?  Why regurgitate the same relationship myths and assumptions?  Why do we need another one? This book is for those who want to add structure back to their families, to make relationships stronger, to make marriages affair proof, and to provide a roadmap for change in the lives of our children.  We believe the way to accomplish these changes is through the hearts of men.

Since the beginning of time, men believed actions spoke louder than words. We are known to be action oriented individuals. We are protectors and providers. If there is a problem we try and fix it. If our family

is in danger, we protect them.  It is what we’ve been taught from our youth. We are taught to become a pro: a protector and a provider. We were never really allowed to express how we felt about certain things. When we were kids playing a sport, if we got hurt we had to tough it out. Crying was not an option. We may have stepped out for a play or two, but we had to get right back in the game.

We learned from a young age not to express our true feelings about things. As a result of this we stand in the position that we do today: though we are physically the stronger of the human creation, we are still unable to express our most intimate feelings. This is a real challenge to our manhood. It’s not so much that we are unable to express our feelings. It’s more that we are not “allowed” to express them. All of our life it has been prohibited. Part of it is due to our protective instincts as men. We don’t want to emotionally hurt the person that we are dealing with so we withhold the truth.  The other part of it is our upbringing. We just simply have not been raised to express intimacy or our true feelings. These true feelings are what make up the deep confessions of faithful men. It’s how we really and truly want to respond to things, but haven’t been at liberty to do so.

We believe that if we can uncover the layers of true confessions buried deep within men, our families will turn around. Our children will respect their elders once again. Our little girls will know the true worth of their bodies and not throw them away in an attempt to gain attention. Our young men will learn to respect themselves and others. Our marriages will be rooted in love and bounded by a spiritual truth that is blessed by God. The only way to begin the process of rebuilding families is to uncover the deeply rooted confessions of men. These confessions are only known to a few: God, himself, and his closest friend.

One must ask why it is or how is it that these confessions have laid dormant within the hearts of men for all these years? The answer is simple: all for the sake of trying to find a sense of peace. We bottle up a lot of things inside of us for the sake of peace. Now here is a way to begin to release all of the stress, all of the pain, all of the suffering that we’ve held onto for years. We want to give men the opportunity to be open and honest without being judged by the women in our lives. We want men to finally have the opportunity to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We want to give women an understanding of what men are faced with on a day to day basis. It does not matter what religious organization a man belongs to, he is still faced with the same challenges as any other man. Once you peel back all the layers of religion and race only one thing remains; a man.

Ricky D. Strickland was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 6, 1967 but grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  His Family includes four brothers and two sisters.  He is married to Andrea Strickland and has three children.

Rick served in the military from March 18, 1987 to June 30, 2012.

In January of 1998, he reported onboard Naval Station Bremerton where he distinguished himself as a top performer in his profession.  As the combined bachelor housing’s front desk supervisor and command drug and alcohol advisor, He took on several command and community tasks as follows: West Hill tutoring program, Petty Officer Indoctrination Team, Junior Sailor of the Quarter Chairperson, Seattle’s Feeding program on weekends and Drug Education for youth (DEFY). He was selected Sailor of the Quarter 1999 and Sailor of the Year, 1999.

Chris Strickland was born in 1971 in the Columbus Ohio.  His Family includes four brothers and two sisters. He received his high school diploma from Northland High School.

Chris majored and graduated Cum Laude in Computer Engineering at Wilberforce University, the oldest historically black university in the USA. He is married with two beautiful daughters, 19 and 10.

Upon graduation, Chris began his career as a System Administrator in the automotive industry at EDS, a subsidiary of General Motors, in Pontiac Michigan.   After several successful years at EDS, Chris decided to return home to Columbus and began his career as a Network Technician with the State of Ohio.

It was in Columbus where Chris began digging deeper into the Word of God and getting the truth on family and relationships. His passion for helping others began to increase rapidly. Chris currently leads bible studies and spends most of his time teaching his children about the ways of God.


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