grown up creativity: Make it a #BuyHandmadeHoliday

It’s that time of year. Shopping and Gift Giving.  If you are looking for thoughtful, unique gifts for your family and friends, think handmade!  This weekend, peruse  The Handmade Collective group on Facebook for some great one of a kind gifts that are made from the heart:

And for this weekend only, November 29-December 1, use this discount code to make your purchases!

Handmade Postcard

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grown up creativity: February is National Haiku Writing Month (5-7-5)

OMG! February is National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo)! I was  just discussing Haiku writing with


Red (Photo credit: Dreamer.~)

someone on Sunday! I’m so excited. Here’s how I feel in a haiku:


Haiku Writing

OMG! I cried

a whole month of haiku

easy but thoughtful


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