submit your work to grown up creativity

If you are a writer/poet/blogger/photographer, this writing project is for you.

grown up creativity: a new literary magazine

I created grown up creativity magazine just for those busy, creative individuals like myself, who  have the ability to offer a unique perspective on life and art, based on  our own personal life experiences, but sometimes not enough time to express yourself.

why “grown up creativity”?

Grown Up Creativity is especially for those people who may have begun their professionalcareers right after high school or college, started a family, or even may have abandoned your writing goals based on the fact that you were scared to step out on faith to pursue writing and took the safe route of a 9 to 5 job, not ever knowing when, or if, you would have the opportunity to pursue your goals of becoming a writer.  Either way, grown up creativity magazine brings us full circle and opens the door to pursue our true passion and purpose as writers. It will be a place where the “seasoned” multicultural poets, , photographers, and essayists, or bloggers will have a voice and an opportunity to realize a long awaited goal of  what I like to call “grown up creativity”.


In celebration of writing, it’s official, a call for submissions to the grown up creativity magazine inaugural issue has begun! The theme for the first issue will be “Bootcamp: Becoming A Writer, Sooner or Later”. This theme can take on many meanings, so I trust there will be some interesting submissions.

The guidelines for submissions to the grown up creativity magazine are:

  • Submissions are being accepted from multicultural poets, photographers, and bloggers who  can answer the question: “What does being a writer mean to me at this stage in life?”.
  • Please submit your work for publication consideration, electronically at
  • The goal will be to publish a paper copy and make it available in late spring.
    Thank you for supporting grown up creativity magazine.

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