grown up creativity: creating a community of writers

Now is the time to become a writer!

In an effort to connect with other Journalist-Entrepreneurs, Freelance Writers,  Authors, Poets, Artists, and other creative types, I want to make the most of my creative experience. I’ve created an Facebook community also called: grown up creativity

Welcome to “grown up creativity” – the Facebook group. This group has a dual purpose. The first purpose of this group us to bring together creative professionals from various backgrounds who are willing to make a commitment to mentor, learn from, support, and promote each other’s written work, hold each other accountable for our goals, and ensure that the spirit of the Swahili principles of Kuumba (creativity) as well as Ujamaa (cooperative economics), are strictly upheld in everything we do.

grown up creativity magazine:Grown Up Creativity Magazine is especially for those people who may have begun their professional careers right after high school or college, started a family, or even may have abandoned your writing goals based on the fact that you were scared to step out on faith to pursue writing and took the safe route of a 9 to 5 job, not ever knowing when, or if, you would have the opportunity to pursue your goals of becoming a writer. Either way, grown up creativity magazine brings us full circle and opens the door to pursue our true passion and purpose as writers. It will be a place where the “seasoned” multicultural poets, , photographers, and essayists, or bloggers will have a voice and an opportunity to realize a long awaited goal of what I like to call “grown up creativity“.

grown up creativity magazine will include:

writing resources
new book releases
and more

The second purpose of this group is, honestly because, I need a support system! Period. I need to stay on task with my personal entrepreneurial and writing goals and I need you (my friends) to help keep me (and others) on task with our individual goals. I need a “board of directors” so to speak, a team of “cheerleaders for creativity” — and this is why I’ve extended an invitation to you to become a member of my “team”.

Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to meet and network with others who can provide support, help, advice, and collaboration with projects and business plans. I also plan to feature and highlight members of “grown up creativity” who are creative entrepreneurs, have new products and services, write blogs and books, and provide other resources that will serve to bring attention to the good works we all do.

So, if you fit the description and if you don’t mind being a “cheerleader for creativity” – grown up creativity is the place for you! Request to join the group on Facebook!


Kellea, Editor