february cafe: Don’t Miss the “Making A Career of Creativity” Panel Discussion on TalkShoe.com


Creativity (Photo credit: Mediocre2010)

As we round out the end of Black History Month this week, you are invited to join us for this unique online event!

the february cafe – Black DIY conference (online)
“celebrating our history of creativity

Panel Discussion: Making A Career of Creativity


The purpose of February Cafe is to highlight Black artists during the month of February who have made a handmade business a way of life for themselves. These “Black DIY-ers” have businesses in skin care, natural hair care, cooking, clothing, accessories, and writing, capturing and mastering the old school way that our people learned to live off the land using only the materials available to them at the time. Today, professional crafters and artisans have modernized the process and have created business to sustain themselves and their families.

The February Cafe – Black DIY Creativity Conference is an opportunity to bring together handmade professionals for discussion about how to make it as a handmade entrepreneur while also providing educational tools and networking.

So, as we celebrate our history of creativity, be sure to follow all February Cafe posts on the Grown Up Creativity blog at: http://grownupcreativity.wordpress.com/

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