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AAMBC (African Americans On The Move Book Club)

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AAMBC New Book Release

The Loudest Silence by Kai


The Loudest Silence by Kai

The Loudest Silence by Kai

Book Synopsis:

Why bother to be his wife when you can never be his best friend? For Terrence, the best friend role has always been filled; wifey was the only available slot. Lani took that position with pride, but now she realizes that she has the entire game backward – she was foolish enough to think that the woman with the biggest diamond was the winner. Instead, she feels like just another obligation while Kenya, Terrence’s best friend, is where he has hidden his heart. But Lani isn’t your average house wife. And a smashed heart doesn’t make her lie down and die. Just the opposite, she jumps in the boxing ring with both gloves tied. But she isn’t fighting for Terrence or for love; she is going purely for self and taking no prisoners. In the end, neither Terrence nor Kenya can compare to her.


About the Author: Kai

Kai is the author of Daughter of the Game, Daughter of the Game II:The
Secret Keeper, The Loudest Silence and The Loudest Silence, New Edition.
She is president of Guaranteed Paper Publishing, Inc., and author of
Peaceful Resolution, a poetry compilation and coauthor of Solo Shivers
by Wilson, an erotic short story. Coming in 2013, Kai will be releasing
daughter of the Game II:Burning waters, The Click and That Good Grind.
Also, stay tuned for Kai’s short story in the upcoming anthology Gutta
Mami’s by N’Tyse.


Get to know Kai:


1.   What is The Loudest Silence, New Edition about.
High drama! Lani is sick of playing the wife role while her husband

Author, Kai

Author, Kai

Terrence confides in his best friend Kenya. In Lani’s opinion, Terrence
has Kenya on a pedestal, Kenya doesn’t have to live with him or
tolerate his foolishness, she can be the best friend and remain
blameless. When Lani and Terrence have another fight and Terrence
leaves, Lani assumes the worse. Not be be out done, she decides to match
her husband step by step….but she takes her deception much farther than
Terrence ever would.

2.   What was the inspiration for the book.
I see so many couples in that relationship “dead space.” Smiling at
parties, very polite to one another, and it feels so plastic. The
silence is so loud. I wanted to try to capture that emotion on paper.
Poetry is my first love, so all of my books come from an emotion into a
story. In Daughter of the Game, the emotion was the power of Armand and
Monique’s love. In The Loudest Silence, its the frustrating anger of
rejection and abandonment.
 3.   Why read it?  Why not?
Its a drama filled ride – you will “feel” something while reading
this book, even if its disgust at the characters. I love when readers
love my characters, but I also love when readers get angry at them and
complain to me about them. At least they made you feel something and
care about what was happening. I had one reader in Philadelphia who was
so made at something that happened in the book that she didn’t want to
speak with me. We finally got her to open up and her insight was
invaluable. But more than anything, I appreciated the emotion.
4.   Whats next?
Daughter of the Game III: Burning Waters and The Click are
scheduled for 2013. I am very excited about this Daughter of the Game,
we discover more about the family and go back to the roots of the
family. And yes, Monique and Armand have a chance to work on some
issues, but they have to discover themselves again. The Click is a new
series that I am so excited about. It’s about the triple live of Mason, a
business man who can’t keep himself out of the streets. But the streets
can be like mud, you don’t dip in and out with some of it clinging to
you. And once it sticks to him, he loses his “legitimate” life and has
to find a way to maintain. I have attached an excerpt: Tell me your
thoughts at
5.   Where have you been?
I had to take the last year to refocus, regroup and strategize. I
live to write, once writing became a hassle, then I knew something was
very off. This year away resulted in a renewed dedication to my works –
Daughter of the Game series and The Loudest Silence, New Edition. Also,
it resulted in the creation of Guaranteed Paper Publishing, Inc., and
other incredible writing opportunities. I am very grateful for all the
support readers and the author community has shown me.
6.   Last Words?
Again, thank you for your support. Please provide feedback – I love hearing what readers have to say!

Read an excerpt from The Loudest Silence by Kai:

He couldn’t believe Lani had undermined his life like this.
Threatening to call Virginia police on a black man was tantamount to
requesting he get lynched. After she already disrespected him in every
way possible. An irrational burning began to explode in his chest. Hate.
I actually hate her.

Terrence began walking backward into the garage. “How long were you with
Christopher, huh? How long?” He turned his back on her, looking for the
stones that were in the back somewhere. Terrence had bought them to
line the garden; he could slam them through her windshield. “You were
with him for days…” he whispered. “For days.”

He spotted them, right next to the old golf clubs. Damn the stones, the
clubs will be better. The golf club pleased him, it was a better option.
He swung it in the air like a baton as he marched back to her car.

“You were with that son of a bitch for days. You don’t have any respect
for me. I mean none. Bet you’ll respect my ass now.” He pulled club
above his hand and began beating the hood of the car and the windshield.

The Click Excerpt

I slide out of the passenger side of the Toyota Corolla, the piece of
shit that I ride around in while I am doing business. It was time to
make my move. There was no need in even letting homeboy get comfortable
in the spot. The white girl had been tracking him for me for the past
week, once he stopped returning calls, stopped coming by the trap,
stopped re-ing up.

I am a reasonable man, a business man. If he had found another supplier,
that was his business…the probably was that he hadn’t paid me for the
last drop. I rarely give out on credit; I am not a damn bank. But this
one here, I saw potential in. I saw hunger in his eyes. His word was
solid, the crew that he had was proven. He said he could move weight and
could do it in half the time and make double the money. I knew that
shit wasn’t true…but I put him to the test. Thought that I would give
him a chance to at least make the expected profit, teach him a lesson
about letting his mouth write checks his ass couldn’t cover. Might bring
him on my team.

Instead, he played me. Took the load and thought he could disappear.
Because I operate silent and small, young guns assume me weak. When they
learn their lesson, it’s normally too late for them to spread the word.
This one here was about to fall to that same fate tonight.



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