grown up creativity: now is the time! focus on your writing career

Now is the time to become a writer!

Grown Up Creativity is especially for those people who may have begun their professional careers right after high school or college, started a family, or even may have abandoned your writing goals based on the fact that you were scared to step out on faith to pursue writing and took the safe route of a 9 to 5 job, not ever knowing when, or if, you would have the opportunity to pursue your goals of becoming a writer.  Either way, grown up creativity magazine brings us full circle and opens the door to pursue our true passion and purpose as writers. It will be a place where the “seasoned” multicultural poets, , photographers, and essayists, or bloggers will have a voice and an opportunity to realize a long awaited goal of  what I like to call “grown up creativity“.



grown up creativity will include:

  • writing resources
  • poetry
  • commentary
  • new book releases
  • and more

welcome to grown up creativity magazine and thank you for your support!

Kellea Tibbs, Editor


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